Welcome to HUM at HOME

a 10 day challenge to learn the art of Polyhum for free, at home in  true connection, not in isolation. 

Do you want to feel more calm and focused?

Would you like to explore something new deep inside?

Would you like to reconnect with your inner child? 

This online course and experience is a gift to relate to yourself and others to become more resilient and empowered. 

 Welcome to A&E (Altruism and Empathy Polyhum Meditations)

From 18th February re-launch

During the first lockdown in March 2020  I offered a 10 consecutive day challenge to help you to reconnect gently with your heart space and engage with others around the world in a space of trust. I am now running three mixed groups in English, Spanish and Italian on Thursdays from the 18th of February.  The sessions are delivered on Zoom and the first one is free.  If you would like to repeat it a second time it will be donation based.  Check the  page How to register for further details or send an email to info@humminginharmony.com  On Fridays I will be running a group just for men and in Spanish at 23.30 pm  GMT to accommodate participants from across the pond in South America. The men only group in English will be on Fridays at 21.30 GMT UK time. 

#OneVoiceWithoutFear    #UnaVoceSenzaPaura    #UnaVozSinMiedo 

Expression of interest and contact form. This is not a registration form, visit 'how to register' to complete the process. Thanks!

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Victoria Music Library in London. Mental Health Awareness Week, 2016

Presentación en español

Presentazione in italiano

Empathy in care 

Very big thank you for a very moving & well thought out session that you delivered today to the Macmillan centre team. It was really insightful everyone commented that it was a clever way of getting across very complex ideas & helping people to think outside the box. I think you made everyone really think & helped people try to creatively problem solve. A very positive & inspiring session Laura Bailey, Macmillan information & support manager Barts Health NHS Trust

Group 1: ENGLISH  


Grupo 2:  Español  Jueves 7.30 Canarias y Reino Unido (GMT) 20.30 Península

Group 3: Viernes (MEN's GROUP / HOMBRES)

English  22 pm UK time

Español  23.30 Canarias GMT 

Get in touch and book your place now!

All sessions are free and delivered online using Zoom. However I am also accepting donations especially if you repeat a course. You just need a quiet space, comfortable clothing access to internet, a digital device , a glass of water and headphones for a better experience of sound.  

You can participate and join in for a  trial with no compromise and have a go. However you need to complete the form above to do so. Visit the enrol/timetable section for more information about the process of enrolment.   

Each session is 60 min long including a 15 min final sound meditation humming practise and social chat / feedback which as important during these times.  All the music used in the training and meditations are originally composed by Sergio Lopez Figueroa. 

For any questions in relation to the 10 day programme write to hum@humathome.co.uk for any other queries: info@humminginharmony.com 

Polyum Workshop at Festival 8

Polyhum at Festival 8 of Wellbeing, , Lincolnshire, UK  Summer 2016

 HUMour  brings people together

humming focus my mind 

Through humming you acquire a great facility to connect with yourself. Afterwards I felt a little calmer, thanks above all to the final silence, which remained inside and outside of me. 

So much relaxation in a fun practice. Afterwards I felt fuller, more in a good mood.Such a great idea and very relaxing. Nice to do before bed or in stressful situations. Self soothing.

he vibrations, going inwards and joining with others to do such a positive thing.

An immediate feeling of internal peace and connecting more with my spiritual side