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One deep breath, one hum against fear  I am the creator of Polyhum. My name is Sergio Lopez Figueroa, the Humming Man, a resilient and creative human being who has worked in many fields of education and creative arts. Above all , I am a gentle disruptor and social innovator. An award winning composer, pianist music teacher for special needs, videographer and documentary filmmaker (I just completed my first features, Heal Scotland). 

Nothing is created from nothing

I have experienced many life challenges including homelessness, cancer and mental health problems. Mindful humming was the beginning of a self-discovery journey.  Back in 2014 I started to connect with my harmful emotions and fears channeling my negative thoughts and patterns using sound. I started sharing my discoveries with others. I moved from being a victim to becoming an activist, as I understood everyone is living under oppressive systems that makes us sick. This is a reflexion on COVID- 19 and my mental health

I campaigned on mental health and quality living standards by planning a choir of private renters in London. I co-created Polyhum as a result of an organic process of co-creation with the users. You can listen from the various testimonials here. We hummed in natural caves, business offices, under water,  in steam rooms, tunnels at Trafalgar Square... and started running workshops, flashmobs and performances, but then Prostate cancer hit me and had to postpone a crowdfunding campaign to develop a HUM app.  

Empathy became my life purpose for deep healing. I used humming as a  pain relief for headaches and toothaches and then I discovered the science behind it to back it up. I followed my intuition and instead of using a language of war against cancer I needed to relate again with my body, emotions and wellbeing. Humming with a robotic radiotherapy was a cathartic and empowering experience. 

A new discovery on my healing journey was the power of art and learned new techniques for self healing that are complimentary to humming. 

Empathic Art

We need to reconsider our values I am just a human being in its full complexity,  contradictions, and vulnerability like you are. Everyone is seeking meaningful relationships because everything is interconnected. We are all one.  Under the COVID 19 pandemic, we are all now being confronted by the fear of death, as we are now confined in our homes appreciating life whilst dealing with fears about our future survival. Can you spare 45 min of your precious time?  It is time to seek silence and learn how to listen from scratch. 




One deep breath, one hum and relax. Being aware of the sound of your breath and giving you the control freely  to focus on you, the space or both. Breathing gives you the energy to hum mindfully. It is healing and calms you down and it can be a playful experience too. 



To your body, your emotions, to the sounds that you make and those of others, to nature or a buy environment as well as to music without judging or trying to figure out, what it is but sensing how you feel leaving the judgemental mind out by creating a space for creation as you listen to silence and become silence in the end.   



Softly and kindly to your inner being and energy points. Through multi-sensorial awareness you will focus on yourself and the other person at the same time, as a maker and recipient of sound. You will be creating humming harmonies produced by multiple frequencies flowing over time. You will find simplicity as you learn how to communicate, collaborate and create from the heart, not from the mind. 

Paula Kennedy


Polyhum is a form of creative and dynamic meditation practised in groups, in a circle of mutual support and care. Meditations are guided by  the music, or in silence as well as in musical performances. The exercises use harmonic mantras to help you to find your centre whilst something else may be  happening outside you. Overtime you embrace it all and the unexpected with inner peace and joy.


This is an example of a Polyhum workshop  in a real space and the different exercises. This video includes feedback from participants. This is how it will look like after the period of self-isolation when we are all get back on track, or perhaps we will be using online platforms. Who knows?

POLYHUM: Empathy consciousness

Seek simplicity and flexibility by experiencing unity whilst expressing diversity

In brief: Feel more, think less

Polyhum is the short form for Polyphonic Humming. I created this practise of social and creative mindfulness organically over the last six years to enable individuals to become more focused and connected with themselves, their environment and with others through conscious breathing, active listening and humming. 

Good vibrations

The sound waves travel inside your body as you feel the vibration. You are not humming to others, you hum to you. With Polyhum, every person becomes a musical instrument, interacting with others creatively forming soundscapes that sound harmonious to those actively doing and a horror movie soundtrack if you listen from outside. Why? Because it requires an open child like free mindset attitude that is playful and allows the release of negative emotions, joy and anything in between. It brings people together and cut any language or socio-economic barriers. It requires full acceptance of our need to seek harmony to align mind and heart. 

The vagus nerve and humming: The natural way to get rid of stress

Any one can hum and the act of individual humming is already beneficial for our nervous system and pain control as the body produces higher level of Nitric Oxide which allows more oxygen to reach the brain naturally.  Humming also is a natural way of activate the vagus nerve which passes through the vocal cords as you can  read here. This is a fascinating area of research and development and we will include it in our future app.

A testimony in Spanish (testimonios en español)

Esta es una grabación espontánea en audio de unas de mis primeras experiencia de POLYHUM durante mis vacaciones de verano Gran Canaria, mi isla natal. Lo hicimos dentro de una cueva aborigen en el municipio de Telde y bajo una luna llena. Tengo muy lindos recuerdos de ese fantástico grupo tan generoso.

A testimony in English (audio)

This is another of the earliest workshops of Polyhum, an edited version of different testimonials from regular participants at workshops held at various sites in  London.  You can browse and listen to the the HUM sound archive full of final humming meditations, excercises and more testimonials.  

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