This space will be updated regularly with videos and audio recordings in English, Spanish and Italian from various individuals and groups, including edited collective humming and testimonials from our HUM at HOME hummers and bees! You can also find them later on Youtube. Check the contact and links page for all contact details and social media links.

               Video testimonials

Hayley (EN): Fast track to my heart

Davide (IT): Come arrivare al essere

Vio/Aminah (ES) revolución interior

Sergio ' Bye Bolero'  piano impro

David (EN) 'a deep sense of myself'

Nicoletta (IT) benessere è semplicità

Noemi (ES): Que buena sorpresa!

Polyhum: Mind the Body, 2016

Audio  testimonials

It makes me feel like a dolphin

I was on my own bubble

released my head and neck pain

Lovely humming waves